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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Positively Glorious!

by Mauverneen

The weather here the past couple of weeks as been Positively Glorious! The rains we seemed to  have had all summer are spent, leaving behind turquoise skies and sunny days. It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to take long, leisurely walks in the morning, kicking up leaves on a country path, and then sit by a blazing fire in the evening basking in the glow and the warmth of both the flames and a glass of good wine, falling asleep with the lingering smell of a campfire in your hair.

I have been feeling lazy these recent fine days, just wanting to find a cozy spot and turn my face to the sun and soak up all the warmth I can before winter makes its frigid appearance. My dog Bailey and I sit on the deck and watch the hummingbirds do their final forays to the feeders, knowing any day they may be gone – out on their suspended road trip. We fight the bees, but we suffer through it, watching them and occasional butterflies do their flower hopping.

The flowers are profusions of color – abundant blooms in brilliant hues. Even the vegetable garden is enjoying these final glorious days. I am still picking ripe tomatoes daily, and have a couple of new zucchini making an appearance. There is even a small melon forming. I check on it daily - hoping the weather holds out until it is ripe.

The sunsets too have been glorious. From fiery reds to pale shades of pink and gold and purple. I want to travel the farmland in these evenings, finding barns to photograph against the hazy backdrop of the golden setting sun.

Mornings have a slight haze, and the grass is as wet as if it had rained. I slip on my Wellies before going out. Other shoes would not dry for days. The morning air is crisp, but the sky is clear and carries the promise of another glorious day.

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