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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer's End

by Mauverneen
Hummingbird on lookout
Summer is winding down; birds are starting to flock, the hummingbirds are crazy - sucking the feeders dry, the trees have spots of color here and there and those big yellow school buses are everywhere. Lately it seems there is a hummingbird on every feeder, protecting it's own food supply, chasing off any other bird that even looks in it's direction. And of course contending with the bees that become so obnoxious this time of year.

This time of year the poor hummers have to fight off the bees!
My garden has done well in spite of all the rain we’ve had – well, some things have done well. I have onions hanging in the shed to dry, I have plenty of zucchini but not one yellow squash, lots of green beans and peppers, but the cantaloupe vines went the way of the yellow squash and pretty much just rotted away in the dampness. Cucumbers? Not so good. I’ve had a few but not enough. My neighbor, on the other hand, has the most lush, green plants I have ever seen with cucumbers galore! I will have to ask her how she does it.

Fresh picked
My tomatoes have done exceptionally well despite all the rain. The little cherry tomatoes split but I don't care since I eat them right off the vine – they still taste delicious. I’ve had enough regular tomatoes to can some stewed tomatoes. It’s a process, but oh, the taste! And I did good - they taste just like the ones my grandparents used to make. I am so glad I have their recipe. Although, like a lot of those heirloom recipes it lists the ingredients but not how much. When I was little I used to help them can vegetables. I washed the cucumbers, and helped peel those tomatoes for canning. I’m glad I paid attention!

And just before the frost kills everything there will be enough green tomatoes left to pick and make some green tomato relish. Everybody loves it, so I can always use more!

There is nothing like homegrown and home made!

It’s always bittersweet to see summer end, but I love the fall best. I look forward to the crisp air and the colorful show the trees put on. And this fall I have a daughter getting married! That is definitely what I’m looking forward to most this year!

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