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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Positively YIKES!

by Mauverneen

 YIKES! Christmas is a week away. A WEEK AWAY!

I’m not ready. I haven’t shopped, I haven’t baked, I haven’t  - well, I really haven’t even thought much about it.

Used to be, I loved all the preparation. Now – I don’t know. Kids are grown, no grandkids to make the magic for. We have no snow – snow just seems to make Christmas. But we have a week. It might happen.

The stores are decorated, but then they’ve been that way for weeks. The Christmas music is playing and I smile when I hear one I like and cringe at the rest and wonder why so many are sad and depressing.

I enjoy giving gifts, but I want them to be good gifts! Wonderful gifts. I love when I find that perfect gift for someone. You know, the one that makes somebody jump out of the chair in excitement or cry over because it means something special. The one you know just made somebody’s Christmas. But it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes nothing out there catches your fancy and you just have to settle for a sweater. One can never have too many sweaters, right?

Here's wishing you all a jump out your chair kind of Christmas!

I have to go shopping and start baking, and wrapping, and …. well, you know, so here are links to blogs of Christmases past.

And if you need any artwork or notecards for a last minute gift…

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