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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Positively CLASSIC

by Mauverneen

1937 Cord Phaeton
Being associated with the Greater Illinois Region of the Classic Car Club of America definitely has it’s perks. Every so often the club is invited to tour a museum or private collection. Our latest event was a trip to Chicago Vintage Motor Carriage. In a word - WOW!

1954 Kaiser Darrin

Legendary cars, one of a kind cars, and insanely beautiful cars peppered the collection.

There was a Tucker, a car once owned by Jimmy Cagney, a Thunderbolt, a Stutz, A Brewster, and a Kurtis, to name a few. Each car was outstanding, and each one had a history.

1931 Duesenberg J Dietrich Convertible Sedan - once owned by the actor James Cagney

The tour guide was pretty amazing, he went through the entire collection giving the history of each car.
As usual, I fell in love with one or two. Like this 1941 Lincoln Continental with it's opera windows and clear plexiglass removable top!

1941 Lincoln customized by it's owner Raymond Loewy, an industrial designer
Look at the shine on this 1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt!
One of the nice things about the Classic Car Club of America is that you don’t even have to own a classic car. I certainly don’t. I don’t currently own any sort of an ‘old’ car (except the one I drive).

But as it states on their website:
You don't need to own a Classic car to enjoy our web site or become a member of our club.
We embrace individuals who share our interests, appreciate the camaraderie and who support the goals of the club.
Join us in the fun of the Classic Era.

And Classic it was!  Looking at these cars, it's easy to understand how people fell in love with them. Todays cars are so blah comparatively and look pretty much alike. but back in the day... wow!

1934 Ford Brewster Town Car with a Heart Shaped grill
The Classic Car Club of America defines a Classic as a “Fine” or “Distinctive” automobile, American or foreign built, produced between 1925 and 1948. Generally, a Classic was high-priced when new and was built in limited quantities. A complete list can be found on their website.

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