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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


by Mauverneen

Winter can be pretty gray. Dull days with no sunshine, gray skies, leaf-less trees, and even those are too short when sunset comes around 5:00 p.m.  When it snows, if it snows enough, the world is prettier, but still monotone. In winter, we sort of forget how colorful the world can be.

I have an orchid plant that was given to me three years ago. It was blooming then, but hasn’t bloomed since. Until now. It’s bright pink and orchid color shocks me when I walk into the room, silhouetted as it is against a large window that now looks out upon a white world.


Come spring, oh how we enjoy that first spot of color! Whether it be a hyacinth, a daffodil, or some little wildflower brave enough to come into a dull and muddy world. We rejoice.


Flowers are popular gifts for shut-ins and hospital patients because of their cheery colors. And no wonder flowers are such a favorite for Valentine’s Day. What could be a better pick-me-up in the middle of February than a stunning floral bouquet.

One way to get that floral fix is to locate a nearby public garden with a greenhouse. The poinsettias have all been moved by now and there is no doubt something blooming to enjoy. I am lucky enough to live only a couple of miles from one of those.


Even a walk through the floral department of my local supermarket can perk me up. I love when they start selling small bunches of daffodils and irises. Always a treat to add to my cart. The colorful little potted primroses they always carry in the spring usually have me finding room in my basket too. After they’ve bloomed I plant them outside. I have a nice little patch that comes up every spring.

You may be someone who lives where it is perpetually summer and you get to enjoy blooming plants year round.  If so, I hope you take the time to stop and – if not smell those flowers – at least pause a moment to enjoy them for the rest of us. We’ll join you when it thaws.

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