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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Positively 2017

by Mauverneen

      A New Year, a new start. It doesn't necessarily mean we should be making resolutions we won't keep, but ANY day is a good day to try to be a better person, or a healthier person or a more patient person. And even if we don't make resolutions, I think we all have high hopes for the coming year. I am sure we all hope for more time to do whatever it is we want to do; travel, exercise, read, pursue a hobby, or just relax.
      A new year can be a good time for changes or starting new projects. Which brings me to my point. I have been thinking how this blog has changed over time - evolved, if you will, from a simple idea of trying to be positive one entire day of the week to more of a travel blog. But what could be more positive than travel? So, it seemed appropriate. But... as it became more travel-oriented, it also became less regular. I enjoy sharing the awesome places near and far that I may go and the fun experiences I have but I feel as if I have neglected the original purpose of Positively Tuesday. So... I thought a new year would be the perfect time to reorganize. Getting organized being consistently on my list of resolutions - new year's or otherwise! 
      Positively Tuesday is not going away. But it is going to be more of what I originally intended - a reinforcement of the notion that we can put aside negative thoughts, negative words, negative feelings for at least one day out of every week. I think it is what we need in 2017. A positive outlook, a friendlier atmosphere, a little more kindness in our lives.
      And for those who, like me, feel that travel and new experiences are some of the most positive things we can possibly do in life, I will be sharing that on my NEW blog: Mauve On The Move - coming soon.
      So - Here's to the New Year - I wish you all a Positively Positive 2017! May it bring new experiences, new friends, new joys! And may we all find the time to do the things that bring us peace and happiness.

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