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Monday, January 3, 2022

It's a Positively New Year

 January 2022

     It's a Positively New Year. 2022 - sounds so sci-fi. 

     The Christmas Holidays are over. Eat, Indulge. Repeat. What we need is a national day of purging, and one of fasting. Of course, for some who may have overindulged on the last day of the year, that day may have already come and gone. Next up - Mardi Gras! Oooh boy, more indulging. Lent should begin the day after New Years Day. But, there are those leftovers to get rid of. 

     Mardi Gras season begins on "Twelfth Night". The day the Christmas tree comes down, the purple, gold and green go up! I have my wreath ready to hang on my front door. Maybe I should keep the tree up and just redecorate it in the proper colors. Hmmm....

Here's a commentary explaining Twelfth Night

      I have been remiss in my postings the past couple of years - Covid and all that. We all needed a little more positivity then, but like everyone else, I wasn't feeling very positive. Looking forward to things, going places, seeing people, and having it all taken away - what can I say? We've all been through it. And add to that any personal issues anyone had... Suffice it to say, It's been a rough couple of years. 

     Here we are at the dawn of a new year, hoping for better, hoping for a return to our old 'normal'. Don't count on it. But that doesn't mean it can't be good - maybe even better. It will just be different. We'll cope, we'll change, we'll adjust and adapt to whatever it takes. Positively!

Resolutions? Let's just try to make this coming year the best we can!

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