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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

National Positively Tuesday

 by Mauverneen

Today is National Pretzel Day, National Audobon Day, National Dissertation Day, Get Organized Day, Help A Horse Day, and Richter Scale Day. Wow. Seems like every day is now a National Something-or-Other Day in a National Something-or-Other week of a National Something-or-Other month. Among the different designations for this week is Sky Awareness Week. Among things suggested to do this week are practice nephelococcygia – the art of finding shapes in the clouds. Just so they're not funnel shaped.

While I'm not working on a dissertation, it just so happens that I am working on doing some organizing. A long overdue organization of my 'office'. At this point it looks worse than it did before I started. Trying to find a 'place for everything' and putting 'everything in its place' can be frustrating. Not to mention exhausting.

My poor dog is getting stressed, as I re-organized my living room just last week. I think I'm taking 'spring cleaning' to the extreme this year. 

While I take a break from getting my office organized, I think I'll go snack on some pretzels while I watch the birds, and the sky. Maybe take the horse next door a carrot. I just hope nobody has to use that Richter scale today. 

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