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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Positively Easter

 by Mauverneen

Happy Easter! 

Actually, we're in between Easters. One, we just celebrated, the other, Orthodox Easter, is coming.  Religious and Political disagreements way back in 1054 caused a split among Christians. Among other differences, they follow different calendars - hence the two different dates for Easter and Christmas. That's the short version. The very short version.

Easter, like Christmas, has lost religious priority along the way, being overtaken by elves and presents, and rabbits and baby chicks. I'm not sure what any of those things have to do with the original reason for those celebrations, but there you have it. 

Whether you 'believe' or not, Easter, like Christmas, is still a family holiday. And what could be wrong with that? A time to gather, a time to be kind, and be generous. A time to be tolerant. A time to reflect. A time to have a little fun - a time to enjoy. A time to share - our food, our company, our quirks and our joys; our common bonds and our differences. Isn't that what memories are made of?  


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