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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Positively Between

 by Mauverneen

The week between Christmas and New Years Day is sort of a lost week. One holiday down, another looming right around the corner. While some people are too worn out to take on that second one with too much festivity, some people are eagerly looking forward to it. Party time! The kids have the week off from school, so mom or dad might not be getting much rest, but most people I know just want to sit back and put their feet up for a day or two, nurse a hot cup of something or other and be dazzled by the tree lights. 

The quiet time is kind of nice. I don't have any deadlines I'm rushing to meet, and I'm looking forward to maybe spending some relaxing time with friends, or watching some old movies on tv. The weather isn't too bad, so if you've got the ambition to get out and snap up those after Christmas deals, go for it! Me? I don't need a thing. When I get tired of movies, I'll pull out a puzzle, or another book. I've also got plenty of time to watch the birds swarming the feeders. By the end of week I'll be bored and ready to head out and tackle the world again. But this week, I'm treating every day like Sunday - and resting!

My winter set up. I can capture the birds through my kitchen window

Happy Holidays everyone! Regroup, recoup, recover, refresh! Or party like a fool! Whichever you choose - enjoy it and do it well!

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