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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Positively Open and Shut

by Mauverneen

I have a fascination with doors and windows. I’m not sure what that says about me but whatever the reason, they are the objects of a number of my photos.

Doorways are portals to other rooms, other lives, other worlds. Doors invite. They beckon. They ask to be opened. But they can also hide things. Who knows what lies on the other side of a closed door? Some doors are beautifully carved, some colorfully painted, some plain and utilitarian, with peeling paint, scuff marks and dents. But they keep the flies out and the dog in. And we open and close them without thinking and get berated if we leave them open. You’ll let the cold in or the heat out and you weren’t born in a barn, were you?

Windows, on the other hand, are for dreaming, offering glimpses of the outside world, small segments of what’s waiting for us. Out there.  Windows are for looking out of, not into and people who peek into windows often get into trouble for it.
I love to open my windows in the summertime and let in the breeze and the fresh air. Even now, in fall, my windows are cracked open a tiny bit for just a breath of crisp air. I like the cool feel on my cheeks and my nose as I lay under the comforter, pulled up to my chin when I go to sleep at night.
In winter, I love to open the blinds and let the sum stream in and like a cat, I find a sunbeam to warm me.
Kids fight for the window seat in the car, adults politely fight for the window seat on the plane and everyone wants to sit by the window on the train.
Doors and windows. Open and shut.

Turret stairs, Wales
Rothenberg, Germany
Lighthouse Window
Graffitti covered door, Door County, WI
Bodie, CA - Ghost Town Window

Rothenberg, Germany

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