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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Positively - Stumped!

 by Mauverneen

I had this experience yesterday afternoon at the grocery store. I'm still shaking my head. 

So... if your bill comes to $7.32 and you give the clerk a ten dollar bill, and the change automatically comes out and rolls down into that little dish, what more do you get back in change? 

Obviously you don't have to count the change, so... what? Sounds simple enough.

The cashier must have gone on to the next screen too quickly, or she didn't trust what she saw because I kid you not, she pulled out a calculator. She proceeded to figure out what she owed me, opened the drawer and gave me my two bills.  

I'm no math wiz, but I was dumbfounded. This was not high finance. Is this really that hard? I was so tempted to ask her if she really couldn't figure that out in her head, but honestly, I was speechless. And I'm not one to enjoy embarrassing anyone in public. I just stared. Speechless.

I've been reading and hearing about how hard things are for kids these days trying to learn math - and reading. If this is the result, let me tell ya, We are in trouble folks! Maybe we should just go back to teaching things the old way. The simple way. Apparently, the new math isn't working.

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