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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Positively Amazing a brief trip through Yellowstone

 by Mauverneen

I recently took a trip out West - to Yellowstone and the Tetons. I'm a lucky gal - I got to see FOUR national parks this summer! Earlier this year I hit Zion and Bryce, and this trip was Yellowstone and Grand Teton. They are all beautiful, awe-inspiring, and worth the trip. But I have to say - Yellowstone is amazing. 

It's huge, to begin with. Full of wildlife, and I was mostly surprised by how quickly the landscape changed. I would be driving along a drop off, hugging the yellow line, scared to look down over the tops of the pines, and then, suddenly, I would be driving along a mountain stream. Calm, serene, wondering how I got there. A little further on I would come to a vast meadow, spotting Bison. Amazing.

 And lakes - I drove past one that totally surprised me with how large it was. If it wasn't for the mountains, I'd have thought I was back along the shores of Lake Michigan. 

Also amazing is how the earth in some areas is just letting off steam. There is a volcano under there, but hopefully, we don't have to worry about it. As a result, the steam just keeps rising, looking like smoke. The wildlife seems to like the warmer earth and the steam when it's really cold. 

There are miles of pathways built around the geysers. Up close, you can see them not just steaming, but bubbling! I asked how warm the river gets where some of these empty into it. I was told about 80 degrees. 

I saw lots of Bison on my trip. Traffic just stops when they are around. Everyone wants to see them. I can't imagine how bad the traffic must be in the summer, during peak vacation season. It's even worse when a bear is spotted. Yes, I saw one! Not up close though, thank goodness. 

I'm glad I was in my car when this fella came lumbering by! They are HUGE! 

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