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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Positively Hot Chocolate and Zebras!

 by Mauverneen

Well here we are on the last day of January. My goodness that month went fast! My weather app says the temp is 1. Yes, just l. BUT - the sun is shining. It really doesn't help make it any warmer when it's this cold but it sure helps my attitude. We've had far too many cloudy, gloomy days this past month. I don't know if we actually set a record or not for the most sunless days in a row, but even if they weren't in a row, there were far too many. (This just in: IT'S OFFICIAL--DESPITE TODAY'S SUN, JANUARY, 2023 WILL GO DOWN ON THE BOOKS AS THE CLOUDIEST JANUARY SINCE SUNSHINE RECORDS WERE TAKEN STARTING 129 YEARS AGO IN 1894.)

My birds have been flocking to the feeder and the suet no matter the weather. So they always brighten up a portion of my day. 

According to the National Holiday Calendar, it is National Zebra Day. It's also National Hot Chocolate Day, among others. I guess we can just pick and choose what to celebrate. I think I'll go with the Hot Chocolate, it's certainly the weather for it. And here are some Zebras, just because it's National Zebra Day. Only comes once a year, after all. And they are pretty cool, aren't they.

Look at those ears!

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