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Tuesday, November 29, 2022


 by Mauverneen


Why does time seem to go so fast these days? When you're a kid, time drags. "Christmas will never get here".  As an adult it's "Oh pfft, already!?" While we still have a few weeks to go, it's less than a month away. I'm so proud of myself for starting my shopping, but I know there are people out there who were finished in July. Some people have their trees and Christmas decorations up. Sigh. Too early for me. I wait until at least December. But then, mine is still up after almost everyone else has taken theirs down. I've also rearranged my living room so I'm not sure where I'm going to put the tree.

One thing that seems to be going on forever however, is that darn turkey. I'm sick of eating turkey. 

Autumn around here was wonderful, it did last a good amount of time. Then we got zapped with some January weather, but now, it's Autumn again. Until tomorrow.

Another thing that went quickly was this morning's coffee. I made the usual amount, but somehow, it went too fast, now I'm brewing a second pot. (which I sometimes do but it's never as good as the first one and I usually end up not drinking it) The donut went fast too. I think there may still be another one. 

Which brings me to Positively Tuesday. It's Tuesday - again. The week went by so quickly. I hope it didn't go so fast that none of us remembered to be positive. But, here we go again. Have a POSITIVELY Great week! 

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  1. My oldest son's nickname is Woosh. I'm going to share this with him. :)