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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Positively November

 by Mauverneen

November 1 - hard to believe. The year has gone by quickly. Today is a new start of sorts for me. My aunt's house that was up for sale (she passed away in August) sold and was closed yesterday - October 31st. So, that means no more trips to the house to check on things, sell off pieces of furniture, clean up, haul usable but unwanted to Goodwill. I think I called all the people I need to to turn off utilities, insurance, etc. 

Now I need to switch the focus to my own house. I have lots of my aunt's belongings here that still need to be sorted - photos mostly. But that will be a good winter project. I just took my dogs out and it is a beautiful morning! The sun is shining, the fog is lifting, and the colors are eye-popping. I really should take my camera and go for a ride through the park. Who knows what wonders await there? 

Oh, and my proof copy of my book should arrive today. I'm not really excited, more nervous, I think. I hope the set up looks ok, I hope the colors are fine, I hope - well, for all the things any author hopes for when their book is done. One hopes there needs to be no more tweaking and that one hasn't wasted one's time. I'll be checking out the window for the delivery, and then checking the front stoop in case I missed it. If it looks up to snuff, I'll break out a bottle of champagne, order some copies to have on hand, and let out this deep breath I've been holding in. 

So here's to November! May it be a good start to a new chapter. For everyone!

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